Useful Links

The Internet contains a vast quantity of information on religion – both for and against. I have tried to provide information on some websites relevant to apologetics. Please comment with any suggestions and criticisms.

Myriad inspirational websites and blogs promote Christianity. One blogger created a list of the top 100 Christian blogs. Another Christian website lists more than 120 blogs that focus on apologetics. I have listed some that I find interesting. I do not agree with the reasoning of these websites, but many of them are sophisticated and well organized.

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Reference materials relevant to apologetics.

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In general, I find three kinds of websites relevant to counter-apologetics, but these hazy categories overlap. First, there are dozens of atheist/agnostic/freethinker/skeptical websites, but they rarely discuss Christian apologetics. I have listed a couple of interesting sites. Second, I have tried to find every website or blog that focuses on counter-apologetics. Third, some biblical scholars have blogs discussing the New Testament and early Christian history. These scholars hold a range of religious views and have different attitudes toward apologetics.

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