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My goals and standards

Posted on February 13, 2018


My blog focuses on Christian apologetics – the defense of and evidence for Christianity. I call my blog “A Skeptical Lawyer,” and I hope my legal training and experience will help me comment on apologetics – and a few related subjects – from a fresh perspective. I will try to maintain certain standards:

Sources. I don’t make stuff up. I will cite authority in footnotes and hyperlink to credible information on the web.

Give credit. If I think I have developed a completely new idea, then I probably have not thoroughly researched the issue. I try to build upon the ideas of those who came before me, and it’s not plagiarism if you give credit where credit is due.

Originality. I try to write something original in each post.

Courtesy. I will express disdain for what I consider to be foolish and sometimes disingenuous arguments, but I hope never to be vicious or petty. I aspire to the sort of civil discourse between Mike Huckabee and Bill Mahar.

Frequency. I will not write new posts every day or even every week. For me, writing anything worthwhile requires research and considerable thought.