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Finding the best opposing counsel – Who’s the biggest guy?

Posted on February 21, 2018

Samson and the Lion, Peter Paul Rubens

In an earlier post, Why am I writing about legal apologetics?, I explained my determination to engage in a real debate in which both sides are represented by competent counsel. I need someone to argue the apologists’ side of the issue. But who? A whole gang of lawyers, including John Warwick Montgomery, Ross Clifford, Pamela Billings Ewen, David Limbaugh and Mark Lanier, have published their own one-sided sermons on the subject.

I recall the advice of the great philosopher Arthur Fonzarelli, a/k/a The Fonze, on how to handle a gang. “No problem. Just go in, show ’em like you mean business, and punch out the biggest guy. Works every time. You punch out the biggest guy, and then those other bananas will think twice about jumping you.”[1]

Sound advice, but who is the biggest guy in legal apologetics? Some people consider John Warwick Montgomery to be the world’s foremost legal apologist, but, in my opinion, his stilted prose can be very difficult to read.[2] I would much prefer an adversary who communicates effectively to laypersons.

I have not yet approached any potential adversary. As I write this, I am just starting the process of – I hope – publication. As a lawyer, I know the value of professional advice, so I want to find an agent before making any commitment. I have a few ideas about an apologist/adversary, but I would love to read your suggestions. Please comment to this post.

So after I settle on the best opposing counsel, why should he or she agree to debate me? I should have my pick of qualified opponents – not because I am so great, but because the Bible requires them to respond. 1 Peter 3:15-16, requires Christians to “Always be ready to make your defense [apologia] to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and reverence.” Whatever criticisms I may have of legal apologists, they are neither shirkers nor cowards. If I demand an account of a legal apologist, I expect that he or she shall make a defense.

[1] Happy Days, Knock Around the Block.

[2] For example, try reading Defending the Hope That Is in Us: Apologetics for the 21st Century.