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Posted on February 13, 2018


About my blog. Self-explanatory. You are here.

Apologetics. Criticism and comment regarding purported evidence for Christianity.

Legal apologetics. Brief analysis of books and articles on legal apologetics – in chronological order. These posts are not traditional book reviews, but merely my comments on legal apologetics. I hope someday to review every significant book or article. This will take me a while.

Logic and linguistics. Websites such as Logically Fallacious have encyclopedic analysis of logical fallacies. I focus on a few fallacies and definitions relevant to apologetics.

Miscellany. Recipes and other fun or interesting stuff as the mood strikes me.

Supernatural cases. Critical scholars often compare Jesus and Christians to other religious figures, movements and events. This seems natural to me because lawyers analogize cases. These posts discuss such “cases” referenced by critical scholars – along with a few of my own.

The Resurrection Briefs. Posts concerning my proposed book debating legal apologetics.

Various religious topics. I will pontificate about stuff that interest me. I have a BS and MS in biology, so pseudoscience – especially creationism – rubs me the wrong way.



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