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What good are these supernatural cases?

Posted on February 19, 2018

Horus and Jesus


I hope these supernatural cases are interesting for their own sake, but how are they relevant to counter-apologetics? Κέλσος has written a sophisticated and scholarly article about Understanding the Value of Biblical Parallels. I recommend the article, but I am not a biblical scholar. My analysis is admittedly simplistic, but I consider these supernatural cases useful for two purposes (1) lessons of history and (2) counterexamples.

After completing their eleven-volume The Story of Civilization, Will and Ariel Durant wrote The Lessons of History, in which they made a few comments “that might illuminate present affairs, future probabilities, the nature of man, and the conduct of states.” Although I will avoid making grandiose pronouncements about history and human nature, any intelligent person can see how these supernatural cases have some points in common.

A counterexample is an example that refutes an assertion or claim. Apologists claim the Gospels must be true because the Apostles stuck with their eyewitness testimony regarding Jesus’ resurrection despite great persecution. I response, I can cite counterexamples where persecuted eyewitnesses spout all sorts of malarkey. “If eyewitnesses and persecution prove the miracles of Christianity, they equally prove those of Kimbangunism.”[1]

[1] Chris Sandoval, Can Christians Prove the Resurrection? 154 (Trafford Publishing 2010).