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1846 – Simon Greenleaf, The Testimony of the Evangelists

Posted on December 30, 2018

In 1846, Simon Greenleaf published The Testimony of the Evangelists. Based on this slim volume, apologist Philip Johnson claims that Professor Greenleaf “must be regarded as the pivotal figure in juridical apologetics.” I’m not so certain about that. Seems to me that Greenleaf built on the ideas of Hugo Grotius, but did not give him credit. Professor […]…Continue reading

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2016 – Henry Hock Guan Teh, Principles of the Law of Evidence and Rationality Applied in the Johannine Christology (Wipf & Stock 2016).

Posted on October 22, 2018

I have read most legal apologetic books, and this is the worst of a bad lot. At least that’s my opinion. Henry Hock Guan Teh is a Malaysian solicitor with a PhD from Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana. I speak only English, and I envy people who understand more than one language. That said, it […]…Continue reading

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1622 – Hugo Grotius, On the Truth of the Christian Religion

Posted on May 21, 2018

Hugo Grotius was born in Holland in 1583. A child prodigy, he was admitted to Leiden University when he was eleven years old. Sectarian disputes divided seventeenth-century Holland and, in 1618, Calvinist Prince Maurice of Nassau imprisoned Grotius for his Arminian sympathies. However, the conditions of his confinement in Loevestein Castle were not onerous. Grotius’ […]…Continue reading

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2009 – William P. Broughton, The Historical Development of Legal Apologetics

Posted on February 21, 2018

To the best of my knowledge, this slim volume is the only book ever written on the history of legal apologetics. William P. Broughton, a retired minister (now deceased), published the book in 2009 through Xulon Press – a print-on-demand press for self-publishing Christian books. The book summary on the Xulon website makes the subject […]…Continue reading

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